Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Global Education

If we could stand for the demographics of the human race into a small town of 100 people, what would it look like? If we gave that planetary small town entree to 161 billion GBS of data, what would they make with it? If six billion GBS of information were shared in electronic mail in 2006, what would it contain? Most of import of all, how is this unbelievable charge per unit of exponential function alteration be reflected in the instruction of children today? Where is the instruction really coming from, in schools, at place Oregon on-line?

A Global Village of 100 People

If we could cut down the world's population to a small town of precisely 100 people, with all existent human ratios remaining the same, the demographics would look something like this:

60 Asian

14 African

12 European

8 Latin American

5 United States American and Canadian

Out of those 100 people:

51 would be male

49 would be female

The Standards of Living:

5 people (US citizens) would command 32% or the sum wealth

80 would dwell in deficient housing

24 would not have got got got any electricity

50 would be malnourished and 1 starving

33 would be without entree to a safe H2O supply

67 are not able to read

7 people would have entree to the Internet

1 would have a college education

Information Data Explosion in the Global Village

161 billion GBS of digital information was created, captured and replicated worldwide in 2006

More than one billion MP3 information files were shared over the Internet in 2006

Almost 100 billion digital mental mental images were captured and shared using cell telephone cameras

More than 500 billion digital images will be captured by 2010

Six billion GBS of data were emailed from one individual to another in 2006 (excluding spam)

The figure of electronic mails grew three modern times faster than the figure of people emailing from 1998 to 2006

Source: IDC & EMC Corporation / The Expanding Digital Universe: Somes Prognosis of Worldwide Information Growth Through 2010

What makes this mean value to Education?

A better inquiry should be, "How should this be impacting are attending to instruction for children today?"

Did you cognize that 34 babes will be born in the adjacent 8 seconds, 5 in India, 4 in People'S Republic Of China and 1 in the US. What will the human race be like for them?

In 2006 there were over 1.3 million college alumni in the US, 3.1 million college alumni in Republic Of Republic Of India and 3.3 million college alumni in China.

How many of the college alumni in India talk English? 100%

In the adjacent 10 old age it is predicted that People'S Republic Of China will be the figure 1 English Language speech production state in the world.

The charge per unit of alteration and development is increasing at an exponential function pace. In 10 old age there will be courses of study and engineering and subjects that have got not been invented yet. Sociable and cultural barriers are colliding, collapsing, merging and at odds as rapidly as the entree to existent clip communications, and far faster than political procedural philosophy can respond. How will the adjacent coevals usage computing machines that are faster than the human brain, or capable of storing more than information than the corporate heads of the human race population? How will the adjacent coevals be prepared for entree to such as cognition in a changing world?

Do these facts involvement you? Would you like to see even more than astonishing facts?

Visit http://www.executiveblueprints.com/education.htm to watch the astonishing picture presentation developed by Karl Fisch, with aid from George C. Scott McLeod, designed by XPLANE.

Then take part in the planetary conversation about instruction at www.shifthappens.wikispaces.com, Oregon novice conversations about the importance instruction in your ain community.


Words of Wisdom

"Let us believe of instruction as the agency of developing our top abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dreaming which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation."
- Toilet F. Kennedy

"The great purpose of instruction is not cognition but action."
- Victor Herbert Spencer

"Next in importance to freedom and justness is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justness can be permanently maintained."
- Jesse James Type A Garfield

"The way in which instruction starts a adult male will find his hereafter life."


John Mehrmann is a independent writer and President of Executive Blueprints Inc., Associate in Nursing organisation devoted to improving concern patterns and developing human capital.

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