Thursday, September 13, 2007

Connecting the Dots - Kids to Business

I'm all for schools and concerns working together to link the points for pupils to cognize how to vie in a planetary workforce. We make demand to work to break meld the two entities. In the Capital Of Georgia Business Chronicle, Tim Hough composes about an enterprise going on between Capital Of Georgia Populace Schools and Capital Of Georgia concerns (Atlanta Business Chronicle, June 1-7) to make just such as a thing. Beverly Hall, the superintendent, is working to fully reform the public school system to link the points in the subjects of engineering, wellness scientific disciplines and research. But I believe the focusing may be misguided.

China and Republic Of India are generating baskets-full of applied scientists and researchers. On absolute numbers, United States cannot compete. But what have United States always been good at (besides war)? Creating businesses!–tapping into our entrepreneurial spirit and paving new roads, new industries and new technologies. Who would have got imagined Google or Amazon 15 old age ago?

But are we forgetting where we came from? The Kauffman Foundation just reported that immigrant entrepreneurial activities are out tempo those of native-born Americans. While it increased for Asians and Latinos, it stayed steady for non-Latino Whites and even drop for blacks. Where are our entrepreneurs? Who will make the adjacent Microsoft?

Although I admire Hallway for her courageousness to step new ground, I wish school systems would concentrate their attending on instruction children how to run businesses, not be employed by them.

  • Kauffman Foundation Study

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