Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mars Rover Mission Released as Virtual Reality VRPresents Technology-Based Software

2004 started a new epoch in planetary exploration. Two Red Planet wanderers Spirit and Opportunity landed successfully on the surface of Red Planet and a short while later started to direct tons of mental images and other data. The wanderers were designed to work properly for lone 90 years on the Martian surface but, believe it or not, they are still in a good wellness and make not look to halt working. During over 3-year time period National Aeronautics and Space Administration have received a immense amount of information that are difficult to show for the wider public. The solution of this job have been provided by Sciterian Technologies. Its VRPresents technology, especially designed for this purpose, gives uranology lovers a new interesting manner to present the planet. Now you can just take a practical circuit of Mars.

High declaration bird's-eye mental images of Red Planet are quite hard to see in many similar VR technologies, which one can detect even at NASA's web sites, but VRPresents not only shows these views warped correctly, but it supplies also a batch of other utile characteristics that do learning scientific consequences easy and enjoyable.

Virtual world engineering is the reply to the inquiry "how to show complex scientific information and not to dullard the common adult male ?". In VR human race you can just travel in any available way and see many topographic points that were visited earlier by the rovers. It is you who make up one's minds where to go, what to watch, what to see near or what information to read. If you desire to see what is around you, just begin turning round. If you would wish to travel somewhere in the practical human race - no problem, just chink a hot topographic point which will take you to another panorama, and your way in 3D space will not change like it makes in many other competitory VR technologies. You make not have got got to read any information to larn where a specific topographic point is and you make not have to conceive of all these antic topographic points on the surface of Red Planet since you make not watch just bird's-eye images, which are introduced in different projections, but you see really something similar to what you would see standing on the surface of Mars, without distortions.

"VRMars--Spirit -- The Red Planet Red Planet 3D" is the first VRPresents-based merchandise that nowadays the consequences of Red Planet Exploration Wanderer Spirit Mission with the assistance of practical reality, released by Sciterian Technologies. The software system is really interesting. I urge it not only for men of science and hobbyists but for school instruction intents as well.

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