Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bulgarian Rulers Of The Past

Bulgarian rules of the past have got got been great people who have fought to maintain the lands of Republic Of Bulgaria with the Bulgarian people. These rules have got gone to immense lengths and endured immense calamities to be able to stand up tall and state the lands of Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Bulgaria are an country for Bulgarian people to dwell in freedom from the wrath of Empires old, yet no 1 cognizes anything about these great people.

The first ruler of the land to be called Bulgaria was Caravansary Kubrat a ruler of the Bulgar folk who conquered the part around the river Danube River from the Avars amalgamation all the Bulgar folks under his single regulation creating Old Great Bulgaria in 632 AD.

Asparukh is the most well known and well-thought-of of all the old Bulgarian rules as he was the Bulgarian ruler who established the First Bulgarian Empire in 680 AD. Asparukh was the boy of Caravansary Kubrat and a very strong ruler who increased Bulgaria's district hugely during his reign.

Asparukh managed to increase Bulgaria's boundary lines by taking an regular army of 100,000 work force and claiming triumph over the countries of Moesia and Thrace which were portion of the Byzantine Empire and is the lands of Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Bulgaria today.

Another celebrated Bulgarian ruler is Ivan Asen Iodine who created the Second Bulgarian Empire and ruled the lands as the Czar in the late twelfth century. Ivan Asen was a brave adult male who led a immense rebellion against the Byzantine Empire who had retaken control of the Bulgarian lands. Ivan Asen Iodine was an intelligent adult male who distribute rumors of a marching regular regular regular army coming from the North to assist the Bulgarian cause devising the Byzantine military personnel retreat south, the truth was that there was no army coming from the North and Asen had formed all his military personnel in the South in the Balkan Passes where he ambushed the Byzantine army and virtually wiped them out.

Bulgaria is rich in history and have some astonishing rules in its lifespan as the Bulgarian state yet many people look to overlook the past of this great nation.

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